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Sgt. Zachary Ross
One of our troops, stationed in Afghanistan, writes to us about the effects our donations have on his mission and relationships with the Afghanis with whom he works....

I just wanted to write and express my deep gratitude for all of your support and packages that I have received.  I have attached a picture of all of my Afghans that I am specifically assigned to.  We have over 250 but these are mine.   I also want to let you know that they are very grateful and happy because of the things you have done for them, no matter how small or big, how complex or simple those things might have been.   Please take a moment to look at the picture.  Look at those faces and know that they have seen many harsh times, but know that you all were able to make them smile and forget the harshness and pain.  Look at their eyes and see how pure they are and know that they have peered on nothing but ugliness in this region.  But know by your actions they were able to see you all extending a hand.  A hand of friendship and prosperity.  Look at their hands and know that they are weathered and beaten, but the happiness I felt when they shook my hands lets me know that they truly understand we do care.  I hope you all enjoy this picture as much as the Afghans enjoy the awesome things they have received from you all.  If we could somehow get this to spread, then maybe this world wouldn’t be so bad after all.   Thank you all again and I love you all very much. 
Sincerely with Love, 
Sgt Zachary W. Ross
United States Marine Corps
Helmand Province, Afghanistan

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