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LT Jasmine Scott

Mr. Madaras,

I have good news.  I will be redeploying in just under a month.  I am
glad to make it back home before the holidays.  I still have the Baylor
soccer balls you provided and will work diligently to ensure I
distribute them and take photos before I redeploy. 

I want you to know too that I keep write up about Nick on my wall in my
office.  People often ask about it and I am proud to tell them that I am
part of the program.  I cannot say enough about how good it feels to
distribute the soccer balls to these kids. No matter what's going in the
world, kids are kids, and it is so rewarding to make them laugh and

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.  It has been the best part of
my deployment.

Very Respectfully,

LT Jasmine Scott
TF Raider - West

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