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2LT Joe Marshall

Dear Madaras Family and Kick For Nick,

My name is 2LTJoe Marshall, and I am a Platoon Leader with Baker Company, 1-68 AR currently

stationed at Camp Wessam, Iraq. I was recently afforded the pleasure of dist

local children that were donated in the memory of PFCNick Madaras. I wanted to send this letter to

thank you not only for your sacrifices made for the freedom of this country, but also for your strength

and courage to devote your time to continue your son's assistance to those in need

bio included with the soccer balls, it is clear that he was very special and generous soldier who truly

cared for those around him. It is an honor to serve with and be in the presence of men like Nick. I have

included pictures from our various stops at villages to distribute these balls. The joy that lights up these

children's faces as they receive these generous gifts helps brighten our soldier's days and remind us why

we do what we do. Their passion for the game is easily apparent and serves as a

different societies. Like Nick, I also believe that those young Iraqi chi

that child in America kicking around a soccer ball in his back yard

these, we are forging a bond with the local populace and fighting the hatred and anger of the insurgents

by different means

made to our mission

and helping to fo

of heroes such as your son. I can promise you that it is our mission everyday to ensure his sacrifices

were not in vain. Thanks again for all your help.

ributing soccer balls to. After reading Nick'slink between two veryldren are not much different from. With generous contributions such as. It is impossible to put into words all the gratitude you deserve for the sacrificesin Iraq. Please know that your efforts with this foundation are making a differencerge a new, brighter future for Iraq. It is humbling to know that I serve in the presence

LTJoe Marshall and 2ND PLTBaker Company

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