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Scott Butler

Thank you so much for the soccer balls the kids will love them. I would like to give you some background info on things over here. I was originally stationed in Logar Province, Afghanistan where fighting is pretty heavy right now and we do not get out to see the people very often to be able to mingle with them and help them as much as we would like due to security. We are making progress just not as fast as the new province I came to. Myself and a Lt Col were picked out of my company to come to Bamyan Province, Afghanistan to assist the people in Agriculture awarness and training. The base is run by the New Zealand Army and the region is pretty secure. We are able to go out and feel pretty safe with the people and mingle with them without the threat of harm from Insurgents. This means we can help alot of people with fewer security personel which in turn able's us to give more to the people. Being able to go out into the community with fewer soldiers means we are able to visit places like the Orphanage and anywhere else in town we might want to stop and talk with the local people. There are 52 kids ranging from 2 yrs old to 23 yrs old and all are amazing kids with high spirits and great personalities givin the circumstances of there life. All of them are very respectful and have excellent manners. I will take pictures when I give the kids the soccer balls and make sure you get them. Thank you for everything you are doing.
Scott Butler

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