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LTC Scott Taylor
From the current Commander of Nick's battalion, the "Silver Lions"


I sincerely appreciate the tremendous opportunity that you have
provided the Silver Lions over the last year while we have been in
Iraq to serve the children of Basra and to keep the memory of your son
thriving.  I cannot tell you the number of times that I've told the
story of your son and how many people's lives that he continues to
touch through his heroic sacrifice and Kicks for Nick.  It has been
one of the greatest privileges of my tour here in Basra to take part
in this program. 
LTC Poznick and his battalion of soldiers from 1-12
Cavalry of the 1st Cavalry Division are on the ground and are taking
the reins of the operations here in Basra in the the next 48 hours and
I will redeploy the Silver Lions back to Colorado.  LTC Andy Poznick
said that he would be honored to keep the Kicks for Nick program going
here in Basra so I hoped to take this opportunity to introduce you by
email to him.  LTC Poznick is an old friend of mine and is a truly
fantastic leader and soldier. 
I have cc'ed LTC Poznick on this emailand know that he is enthusiastic about this program to honor Nick's memory and serve Iraqi children.  I have told him about how the children's eyes light up when they see the soccer balls and even showed him first hand the other day as I was with him on patrol and I handed a few out myself.  I cannot download the photographs from that trip just yet but when I get back to the states, I will download a few photos of myself with several Iraqi children and will send that to

Thanks again for this tremendous opportunity and I will be in touch
soon when I get the Silver Lions back to the states safely.

Very respectfully,
Scott Taylor

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